Mental Health, Autism & Learning Disabilities in the Criminal Courts

Information for magistrates, district judges and court staff

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Some questions you might want to consider

  • What arrangements are in place in your court to ensure the particular needs of offenders with mental health conditions, learning disabilities or other support needs are taken into consideration during sentencing? 
  • What arrangements are in place in your court to discuss the need for adapted programmes and activities with the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Company?
  • Have you ever used a Mental Health Treatment Requirement (MHTR)? How many MHTRs has your court imposed in the last 12 months? 
  • What are your court’s local procedures for arranging medical reports? Who can you go to if there are problems with finding a hospital bed for someone who is severely unwell?
  • What services are available in your area that specialise in mental health, autism, learning disabilities, substance misuse and dual diagnosis?
  • What voluntary agencies work in your area that specialise in these fields?
  • Do you have a mental health and learning disability champion? Do they have strong links with local services?

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