Mental Health, Autism & Learning Disabilities in the Criminal Courts

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Stan’s Story

Stan had been told that he might be sentenced to prison. He was therefore relieved when he realised this was not the case. Stan was given a community sentence that involved a curfew between the hours of 6pm and 7am.

Within a week Stan was returned to court for breaking his curfew – he had been playing football with his friends in the local park at 7pm.

Stan didn't know what the word 'curfew' meant and he didn't have a watch because he couldn't tell the time.

Stan was sentenced to prison, where his learning disability was recognised. He was later diverted away from prison into a secure health unit. Stan subsequently received support to help him to live independently in the community. He now does voluntary work, which involves giving talks to school children about why it is important to stay away from crime.

Stan (not his real name) is a former member of the Working for Justice Group.
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